II International forum
Effie Russia
Purposeful brands:
Winning the hearts of tomorrow's consumers
9 October, 2019
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
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Sustainability is a new digital nowadays. Circular economy, accountable supply chains, strategic communications directly connected to socially desirable goals – this is what creates a competitive edge for the companies which plans keeping the lights on and thriving in the next 20-30 years. Again, even countries step up and take on sustainable development strategies to prepare for a massive economical shift.

Unfortunately it's common in Russia to perceive sustainable development as an inefficient business strategy. At the same time a completely new generation, the most responsible in history, starting to take control, global brands successfully collaborate with sustainable Russian companies and non-profit organizations, and innovation sector goes for a brand new software designed for Sustainable Development Goals and it does bring more and more investments. Events move rapidly getting ahead of our understanding.

Russian brands and companies have got a major draw as it seems they are going to lead the process of sustainable transformation, initiate structural adjustments, excite and steer consumer as well as direct requests to the government bodies.

For the second time in a row Effie Russia as a representative of the main global marketing effectiveness institute, gathers Russian and worldwide companies' leaders to help companies and brands to:

● get familiar with complicated Sustainable Development program
● define their place and part within the process of sustainable transformation
● overcome all grains of salt you have about changes
● learn to use all power of brand communication platform and lead the way to the future
● change the world and earn more

What expects us behind the door of tomorrow, where we are now and what we need to do to get to our desired destination? All answers are available at the Effie II International Forum: Brands with Purpose. Who will win consumers tomorrow.
9th October, 2019
11 am – 12 pm
Check-in & welcome-coffee
12 pm – 1:20 pm
Session 1: Where shall we go? Around the corner: how to make business within sustainable transformation?
Andrey Sharonov, SKOLKOVO, President, Moscow School of Management
● Sustainable development: what stories run at mayor world business forums today and what is to be discussed in Russia tomorrow?
● The most responsible generation in history: future of marketing in the world where school kids go on strike against climate change.
● All for one: how do brands involve their target audience into sustainability movement and create new micro influencers from their loyal supporters?
● Show me the money: what kind of advantages does business get from implementation of comprehensive sustainable development programs?
● Future is within distance: generation change, IT platform shift, sustainable development collaboration progress in Russia.

Speakers invited to participate in the session:
  • Joanna Yarrow, IKEA, Healthy & Sustainable Living Leader
  • Alexey Kornya, MTS, President*
  • Alex Haoyu Xu, Effie Greater China at Effie Worldwide, Managing director
  • Unilever*
  • Danone*
  • KFC*
1:20 pm – 1:40 pm
Refreshment time
1:40pm – 3pm
Session 2: Where are we now? Marketing for sustainable development in Russia: overcoming doubts to gain a long-term loyalty
● Trust VS doubts: what does a consumer want from accountable brands today?
● Joint Effie Russia & KPMG research. Marketing and Sustainable Development Goals: restraints and growing points.
● How can we integrate sustainable development values and foundations into Russian business and how we can use worldwide companies' experience?
● How can you push the limits of a marketing office to broad your horizons and include sustainable development into your business model, supply chains, product design and so on?
● What can business and non-profit organizations do to succeed in sustainable development together? How do you measure this success?
● Environmental education: break through that rock of helplessness and learn to win together with brands.

Speakers invited to participate in the session:
  • Rodney Collins, McCann Truth Central, региональный директор*
  • Igor Korotetsky, Partner, Risk management Department, Head of corporate governance and sustainable development services Group, KPMG in Russia and CIS
  • PepsiCo
  • PhilippeRoger, Leroy Merlin Russia, deputy CEO
  • McDonald's*
3 pm - 3:40 pm
3:40 pm - 5 pm
Session 3: How to get to the future. Interactive sustainability session for marketing specialists and top management
Alyona Yuzefovich, Blekinge Institute of Technology Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability program graduate, Effie Sustainable Development Goals consultant.
It seems the world has gone mad about green and fairtrade goods. The list of brands "killed by millennials" gets more names which hasn't proved they share new values of environmental and social responsibility. Experts concur that this is not a temporary trend. No, it's a new world. What does a consumer really want? How can we distinguish a rich idea from profanity? How can a brand stop wasting its money for dead-end ideas and find its own big idea? What do we need to incarnate meaning into a comprehensive strategy?
5 pm - 6 pm
Networking session: cocktail party
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