II International forum
Effie Russia
Purposeful brands:
Winning the hearts of tomorrow's consumers
9 October, 2019
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
About forum
In the modern world sustainability is known as the so-called new 'digital'. By the established delivery date of 2030 which represents the planning horizon for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the modern world will transform, and the market structure will get altered. The main societal trend will be the interplay between creativity, leadership, technical innovation and sustainability – all utilised for solving the most pressing social and environmental problems.

How exactly will this new shift towards the super-society of the future affect business decision-making? For the most forward-thinking and responsible companies which aspire to tap new market niches and win consumers' hearts, sustainable business strategies represent not the foreseeable future, but their current reality.

In addition to the objective of incorporating sustainability into their business strategies, companies are also challenged with the issue of communicating their success, accomplishments and experience in the most effective manner to consumers and the entire external world, in general. The communication, marketing and storytelling toolkit can be instrumental for this objective of manifesting the values which the company endorses, and as a result, that should create the emotional bond between the brand and the consumer.

In Russia the majority of companies perceive sustainability as the action space for corporate social responsibility, but not as an effective business strategy. But in order to maintain their leading position in the market, the companies will have to respond to the requests imposed on them by the most responsible generation of consumers in human history. Today Russian companies face the emerging challenge of being ahead of the pack by defining the sustainability agenda and creating the brand which organizational values will gain trust from consumers and the surrounding world.

Effie Russia, the representative office of the world's leading marketing effectiveness institute, is organizing the event for the second year in a row, which will gather senior managers of global and Russian companies to support the brands with the following objectives:

●To understand the complex sustainability agenda;

●To find the action space in the process of sustainability transformation;

●To acquire the tool kit for developing sustainable business strategies;

●To apply the branding and communication platform effectively and lead the public;

●To change the world and make profit simultaneously

What expects us behind the door of tomorrow, where we are now and what we need to do to get to our desired destination? All answers are available at the Effie II International Forum: Brands with Purpose. Who will win consumers tomorrow.
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Sergey Kapkov, Culture and Urban Development Centre, School of Economics, Moscow State University, Head
Harjot Singh, McCann WorldGroup, Chief Strategy Officer
Andrey Skorochkin, Lead of Accenture Strategy in Russia, Managing Director
Maria Kolosova, GroupM, General Manager
Speaker: Alyona Yuzefovich, Blekinge Institute of Technology Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability program graduate, Effie Sustainable Development Goals Consultant
Андрей Шаронов
Московская школа управления СКОЛКОВО

Окончил Уфимский авиационный институт и Российскую академию государственной службы при Президенте РФ, является кандидатом социологических наук.

Профессиональный опыт
С 1989 по 1991 год − народный депутат СССР, а до 1996 года возглавлял Комитет РФ по делам молодежи.
С 1996 по 2007 год работал в Министерстве экономического развития и торговли РФ руководителем департамента, заместителем Министра, статс-секретарем.
С 2007 по 2010 год был управляющим директором и председателем совета директоров «Инвестиционная компания «Тройка Диалог», возглавлял инвестиционно-банковское направление.
22 декабря 2010 года был назначен заместителем мэра в Правительстве Москвы по вопросам экономической политики, курировал вопросы формирования бюджета, госзакупок, промышленную и политику поддержки предпринимательской деятельности, занимался регулированием рынка торговли и услуг.
Присоединился к команде СКОЛКОВО в сентябре 2013 года.
С 2013 до 2016 года был ректором бизнес-школы, в сентябре 2016 года назначен президентом Московской школы управления СКОЛКОВО.
Является Председателем Совета директоров «Управляющая Компания «НефтеТрансСервис», членом Совета директоров «Совкомфлот», «НОВАТЭК», «ФосАгро». Награжден орденом Почета, имеет благодарности от Президента РФ, является заслуженным экономистом Российской Федерации.



О компании
Одна из ведущих частных бизнес-школ России и СНГ, основанная в 2006 году. В состав партнеров-учредителей школы входят 10 российских и международных компаний и 11 частных лиц, лидеров российского бизнеса. Линейка образовательных программ Московской школы управления СКОЛКОВО включает программы для бизнеса на всех стадиях его развития – от стартапа до крупной корпорации, выходящей на международные рынки. СКОЛКОВО также является центром экспертизы для компаний и предпринимателей, которые делают ставку на Россию и работают на быстроразвивающихся рынках.
Alexey Kornya
MTS, President

Alexey Kornya was appointed President and CEO, Chairman of the Management Board of MTS PJSC in March 2018.

In 2018, Alexey was elected to the Board of the GSM International Association (GSMA).

Alexey boasts a long and storied career at MTS. Alexey joined MTS in 2004 as a financial director of the regional division of MTS Ural. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Director of MTS Group for Business Planning, and in 2007, he became the Chief Financial Controller of MTS Group.

Prior to his appointment as CEO and President, Alexey held the role of Vice President for Finance, Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions of MTS PJSC since 2016. Since 2008, he has been Vice-President of Finance and Investments at MTS PJSC. In his role, Alexey oversaw the Company's transformation from a traditional mobile communications provider to a multi-service, data-focused integrated telecommunications firm. During his tenure, MTS integrated numerous assets, including both fixed-line and mobile providers, streamlined the finance function by consolidating operations and developing a unified operating center for back-office functions and oversaw a number of benchmark financial transactions within the sector. Lately, Alexey has been instrumental in spearheading M&A transactions, which have established MTS as a major player in the burgeoning market for Internet-based products and services.

Before joining MTS, Alexey worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit and AIG-Brunswick Capital Management at North-West Telecom.

Alexey is a member of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors of MTS PJSC and heads the Boards of Directors of Mobile TeleSystems JLLC ("MTS Belarus") and RTK JSC. He also serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of PrJSC VF Ukraine, a member of the Board of Directors of MTS-Bank PJSC and Sistema Capital Management Company LLC, in addition to being a member of the board of Charity Fund "Sistema".

Alexey was born in 1975. In 1998, he graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.
Sergey Glushkov
Vice President Corporate Affairs
PepsiCo Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia & Central Europe

Sergey assumed his current role in 2014 and is responsible for corporate affairs in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus, Central Asia and Central Europe.

Sergey joined PepsiCo in 2008 as Vice President Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, Russia.

Previously, Sergey worked for Metalloinvest Holding as Communications Director, for BAT Russia as Head of GR & Regulatory Affairs, and for State Duma (Russian Parliament) as Head of division in Press-Service.

Sergey graduated cum laude from Russian State Humanities University (BSc in Information & Security Sciences), holds postgraduated studies in Russian President's Academy of the State Service & Moscow State University of Social Sciences (major – political science).
Rodney Collins
Regional Director
McCann Truth Central

Bio and Experience

Rodney Collins is a leading member of MWG Truth Central, the global intelligence unit of the world's most creatively effective marketing services company. Committed to the company's founding Truth Well Told philosophy, Rodney relentlessly strives to uncover human and cultural truths to help brands play a meaningful role in people's lives. Since 2012, as Director of Truth Central in the UK and Europe, Rodney has designed, managed, and activated global and regional thought leadership initiatives for the MWG network across 38 countries.

As a professional anthropologist, Rodney champions the investigation of human practice-in-context with a commitment to the principles of immersive participant-observation. Rodney has field experience in Europe, North & Central Africa, the Middle East, and North & Central America. With expertise in semiotic, cultural, and psychoanalytic analysis, his work has offered transformative insights into a wide spectrum of human dynamics from idleness and masculinity, to air fresheners and habit change, to public health policy and design innovation. Throughout, he surfaces deeper cultural and human truths that impact the potential of corporate and brand strategy, innovation, and creative marketing and communications.

A sought-after industry expert

He has published widely in industry, academic, and popular press, including frequently in Brand Republic and the Huffington Post. He has taught university and post-graduate level courses at New York University, Georgetown University, and Columbia University and has consulted with numerous international organizations including the World Monuments Fund, the Iraqi Board of Heritage & Antiquities, the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, the Fulbright Association,

Rodney is based in McCann Worldgroup's European Headquarters in London's Russell Square.
Ekaterina Aksenova
Sustainability Director


Graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg International Management Institute with a degree in Human Resource Management and from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management.

Professional experience

Since 2004 Ekaterina worked in the Russian integrated telecommunications operator MegaFon in the position of HR partner in a commercial function. In 2013 she joined the Bushe team as a Human Resources Director. Since March 2019, she has held the position of Sustainability Director and organized the company's activities, taking into account the maximum conservation of natural resources.

About company

Bushe is 49 special places in St. Petersburg and Moscow for food, communication and inspiration.

For 20 years we have been attentive to the quality of products and the technological development of production. We build a live communication with our audience - creating our content and supporting the image of the city, thereby changing the modern perception of St. Petersburg and increasing the level of awareness and loyalty of our guests.

Bushe has a dream - to be a business that gives children hope for a better future on planet Earth. In 2018, there was an ideological expansion of the philosophical paradigm of the company "Be present" - "New Sincerity". It is expressed in respect for yourself and the world. The new sincerity of the world calls us not just to seem good, but to be real, therefore the company is actively moving towards careful attitude and conservation of resources.
Василь Лацанич
Василь Лацанич возглавляет ПАО «ВымпелКом» с 10 января 2018 года.

Василь обладает богатым опытом работы в области телекоммуникаций, IT-технологий и цифровых сервисов. В телеком-индустрии работает с 2001 года, в основном на руководящих позициях в группе компаний МТС, где в последние годы занимал пост Вице-президента по стратегии и маркетингу, работая в московской штаб-квартире МТС. В этой должности Василь отвечал за коммерческие и стратегические инициативы компании, а также трансформацию клиентского опыта и цифровое развитие.

Ранее Василь занимал ряд позиций в области маркетинга и развития продаж в украинских и российских подразделениях Coca-Cola, отвечая за развитие глобальных брендов и продуктов компании на региональных рынках.

Василь окончил Высший государственный институт имени Н. Лысенко во Львове. Имеет диплом MBA Лондонской школы бизнеса.
Стефан Звегинцов
Стефан Звегинцов окончил Парижский Институт Политических Исследований по направлению «Политология» и получил мастерскую степень Парижского Университета в области международного бизнеса. Он работает в Группе Enel с 1999 года на различных управленческих позициях, в 2013 году стал председателем Совета директоров ОАО «Энел ОГК-5» (сейчас – ПАО «Энел Россия»), эту должность он занимает до сих пор. С 2014 года отвечает за стратегию устойчивого развития компании.
Igor Korotetskiy
Partner, Head of Operational Risk and Sustainability, KPMG in Russia in the CIS

Igor is the Head of Operational Risk and Sustainability Group in KPMG Russia. He has been working in the field of Operational Risk and Sustainability for more than 15 years, implementing comprehensive corporate development projects for government authorities, and large Russian and foreign companies in various industries such as Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, and Chemicals.

Igor supports KPMG clients in their commitment to develop sustainable, safe, reliable, resource and energy efficient operations with reliance on strong corporate governance and risk management culture, for sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. His experience includes advisory and assurance projects aiming for clients' business operations improvement, mitigating risks and identifying new opportunities. This includes implementation of corporate governance and corporate development projects, implementation of comprehensive transformation programs, strengthening of risk management systems, and sustainability strategy development and implementation.

Igor graduated from the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov with bachelor's and master's degrees in Economics, he qualified at North Carolina State University in Maintenance and Reliability, as well as at the Shulich School of Business and the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. He also has a number of practical articles published in leading business publications. In addition, Igor delivers lectures and master classes at the leading Russian Universities.
Филипп Роже
Заместитель генерального директора
Leroy Merlin в России

Выпускник Высшей школы Управления в Париже (Франция), в 1987 г.

Профессиональный опыт
Начал свою карьеру в Leroy Merlin как стажер в отделе Контроля управления Парижского региона.

До 1995 г. он занимался аудитом, контролем управления и организацией процессов, затем был назначен контролером управления первого региона в Барселоне (Испания).

В 1999 г. он присоединился к команде Leroy Merlin в Польше в качестве Финансового директора.

С 2004 г. по 2011 г. возглавлял контроль управления Группы ADEO.

C 2011 года присоединился к команде Leroy Merlin в России в качестве Финансового директора.

С 2014 г. – по настоящее время Заместитель генерального директора Leroy Merlin в России.

Tori Carter
Global Public Affairs
KFC Global

Tori Carter manages Public Affairs for KFC Global, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. In her current role, Tori leads global crisis management, sustainability communications and the KFC corporate public relations strategy for more than 135 international KFC countries and territories around the world.

Tori joined Yum! Brands in 2014 as a part of the Pizza Hut International communications and social impact team, where she led the roll out of Pizza Hut's global employee purpose program and the community affairs strategy for the global business. In 2016, Tori developed and launched Pizza Hut's global social purpose initiative, The Literacy Project, which pledges to transform the lives of 100 million people in just 10 years, by enabling access to books and educational resources, empowering teachers and inspiring readers. Tori moved to the KFC brand in 2017, where she developed and implemented KFC's global crisis protocol and training procedures and led a number of sustainability communications and stakeholder engagement strategies for the brand, including KFC's 2019 global commitment to make all single-use, consumer facing plastic packaging recoverable or reusable by 2025. In her current role, she leads the global executive voice platform and KFC global corporate communications strategy, and serves as a consultant for KFC's public relations leaders in more than 135 markets.

Prior to joining Yum! Brands, Tori worked with a number of organizations in Los Angeles in the film and television industry, including SAG-AFTRA, Studio Talent Group, Amsel-Eisenstadt-Frazier & Hinojosa Inc., The Second City and ABC Television. Tori holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from The Theatre School at DePaul University and a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Ирина Коршунова
Старший директор по устойчивому развитию и отдела обеспечения и гарантии качества и безопасности
«Макдоналдс» в России

В 1992 году окончила Московскую Технологическую Академию Пищевой Промышленности по специальности «инженер-биотехнолог». В 1999 году окончила Московский Институт Международного Бизнеса Всероссийской Академии Международной Торговли при Министерстве Торговли Российской Федерации. Специальность: «экономист-международник». В «Макдоналдс» Ирина с 1993 года. Начала работать микробиологом в отделе контроля качества пищеперерабатывающего центра «Маккомплекс». Работала руководителем отдела контроля качества и безопасности на «Маккомплексе»; затем – руководителем отдела контроля качества и безопасности российского отделения «Макдоналдс». С 1998 по 2000 гг. совмещала должности Руководителя отдела контроля качества российского «Макдоналдс» и Координатора по детским программам. С 2001 по 2004 гг. – Старший менеджер по качеству России и Северного Дивизиона Европы. С 2006 года - Директор отдела контроля качества и безопасности «Макдоналдс» в России и Восточной Европе. С 2009 года - Директор по развитию сети поставщиков и логистики Восточного Дивизиона и Директор отдела гарантии и обеспечения качества России и Восточного Дивизиона Европы.
С 2014 года Директор по связям с государственными органами, Директор отдела обеспечения и гарантии качества «Макдоналдс» в России

C 2019 года Старший директор по устойчивому развитию и отдела обеспечения и гарантии качества и безопасности «Макдоналдс» в России

Получила награду «Отдавая всего себя» в 2001 году, награду президента «Макдоналдс» в 2007 году и награду глобального совета «Макдоналдс» по развитию поставщиков в 2009 году, в 2018 - Brand protection award.

Harjot Singh

Harjot is innately curious, fascinated by the world, and on a relentless mission to learn, create and make the obvious brilliant. He is most drawn to people who are shaped by their interest in constant discovery, learning, open mindedness and exploration.

He is also an award-winning global strategist, with a proven track record, and works for the world's most creatively effective agency network.

Over the last 20 years, Harjot has lived in 6 countries across 3 continents working for some of the most famous brands and agencies in the world. He loves this business because he believes that brands have more power to change the world than governments do. And there's a lot of money to be made in shaping work that makes brands more valuable by being a force of good in peoples' worlds.

Over the last 2 decades Harjot has held senior, regional and global strategy leadership roles in Europe, UK, North America, China, and Asia and worked on nearly every category from packaged goods to banking, retail, paints, telecom, tourism, cosmetics, credit cards and governments.

Harjot joined the global strategy team at McCann Worldgroup in New York, in January 2011. He was subsequently promoted and transferred to the EMEA headquarters in London in January 2015.

As Chief Strategy Officer of Europe and UK, Harjot leads strategy teams in 29 countries across all McCann Worldgroup disciplines. He also oversees the design, management and activation of content from Truth Central EMEA -the regional outpost of McCann Worldgroup's proprietary, global intelligence unit across 33 countries in the region.

Under his leadership McCann Worldgroup EMEA has been ranked the most effective agency network in the region every year for the last 3 years.

Harjot has judged and spoken at some of the most notable award shows and industry events including the Global, North American and Euro Effies, Adweek Europe, Eurobest, WARC, Cannes Lions etc.

Through experience, Harjot has learned and adopted a transformational style of leadership- focused on building vision, a culture necessary to realise that vision, inspiring shared dreams, and celebrating excellence.

Ekaterina Son
Effie Russia

Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Professional Experience
Started her career in 1995 in the Deloitte audit company.
In 1997 joined Independent Media in the position of Finance Manager.
Throughout her career, headed The Moscow Times, Smart Money, Financial Director, Agribusiness publications and held senior positions in Vedomosti newspaper as well as in Sanoma Independent Media Publishing House.
From May 2013 to July 2016 worked as Director General of the RBC Publishing House.
Since July 2016 is the CEO of Effie Awards Russia.

Diving and mountain hiking.

About the Company
The Effie Awards are known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry, and recognize any and all forms of marketing communication that contribute to a brand's success. Since 1968, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with the Global Effies and the Positive Change Effies, regional programs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East / North Africa and Latin America, and more than 45 national Effie programs.
Regina Kuzmina
President of Unilever Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Regina Kuzmina was born in the Perm region in 1973, in a family of medical workers. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute, with a degree "biotechnology" (1995), and later received her master's degree in management (1997) at the International school of management of the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University and the University of Leuven (Belgium).

Regina Kuzmina began her career in 1997 at the department of market research and development of home and personal care products in "Severnoe Siyanie", the first Russian production site purchased by Unilever. In this department, she rose from assistant manager of product development to senior brand manager of home care (2001).

Since 2002, she headed the marketing media and communications department of Unilever CIS (since 2008 – Unilever Rus), then returned to the marketing department of home and personal care products, where she focused on the development of home care and deodorants. In 2007, Regina Kuzmina was appointed Vice President of marketing of home and personal care and at the same time became the youngest member of the Board of Directors at Unilever in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The brilliant launch of a whole range of hair care products under the Clear brand carried out by Regina's team in three countries was granted a special award by the President of Unilever in Europe.

In 2011, she moved to the position of Vice President of Customer Development, having managed all commercial divisions of the business. The Customer Development department under her leadership repeatedly received recognition from the leading local retailers for the best quality of service and efficiency of partner programs and, in addition, at the end of 2012 was nominated for the biggest internal corporate award – Unilever Compass Awards.

In August 2015, Regina Kuzmina was appointed President of Unilever Hungary and Adria (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia), where over the past 4 years she has helped the business enter new sales channels and reach sustainable growth of turnover.

Since 2016, she has been a member of the Unilever Women Leadership Council and she is responsible for developing the culture of respect for differences and contributing to the realization of the potential of each employee in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

She is a professional practicing coach, certified by the CTI International program (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, 2015), and the author of her own methods of coaching, development of leadership skills and emotional intelligence for managers.

Regina is married, with two children (daughter aged 19 and son aged 13). In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, painting, ceramics. For many years she has been supporting Russian charity organizations Vera ("Faith") and Dom s mayakom ("House with a lighthouse").

Rachel Howard
Vice president and brand director adidas Russia

Rachel is a creative and strategic brand builder and change maker within adidas. She drives sustainability business principles and represents adidas sport values for over 17 years.

January, 2019 adidas, Vice president and brand director adidas Russia
Leading the strategy and responsible for brand development

2016-2019 adidas, Senior Brand Director adidas Hong Kong, China
Leading merchandising, brand and retail marketing departments for adidas Brands, Sports Performance, Originals and NEO

2013-2015 adidas, Director of Merchandising – adidas Originals Shanghai, China
Leading merchandising strategy for business growth

1998-2008 New Zealand National Women's Football Team

1998-2008 Goal Keeper
2007 FIFA Women's World Cup
2008 Summer Olympics Beijing

Shona Read
Strategy Director at PHD Global Business

Shona Read is a Strategy Director at PHD Global Business, delivering innovative communications solutions for global clients such as ŠKODA, VF and HP.

Shona joined PHD in 2013, after leaving a career in management consulting to pursue her creative interests by means of a career in media and advertising. A true citizen of the world, Shona worked in Australia, Asia and the Middle East before landing on the London doorstep of PHD.

Since then, Shona has developed into one of PHD Global Business' most creative and strategic thinkers, working across FMCG, apparel, motors, entertainment and tech brands hand-in-hand with 20+ of the agency's biggest local markets. From working on three continents, Shona believes fresh ideas and innovation comes from diversity and individuals from different backgrounds coming together.

When not working, Shona is either running exhibitions supporting up-and-coming artists or adventure travelling to all corners of the world, from Carnival in Rio to hiking the Himalayas.
Anna Shustikova
Effie Forum Director

Ekaterina Son
CEO Effie Russia
+7 (903) 961 66 32
Jamilya Iskandyarova
Managing Director Effie Russia
+7 (903) 509 85 82
Daria Makarova
Project manager
+7 (916) 603 31 51
Petr Zharov
Senior account manager
+7 (926) 852 39 08
Maria Ostroumova
Project manager
+7 (929) 640 18 60
Elena Panarinа
Senior sales manager
+7 (916) 222 84 01
Vladimir Degtyarev
Junior account manager
+7 (916) 459 51 23
Session topics:
  • Global business community is enthusiastic about its key role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, as business leaders are committed to making our world a better place. However, in their sustainability journey many companies often experience practical difficulties with 'greening' business operations and processes.
  • Do global trend-watching marketing agencies detect this ongoing transition towards sustainability?
  • How can agencies support their business clients in the creation of super-brands?
  • How should sustainability values and principles be integrated into Russian business practices on the basis of the experience of global companies?
  • Case-study. How should a user-friendly and attractive-for-the-consumer business model be created?
  • How can sustainability be incorporated into the processes beyond marketing, e.g. product design, supply chains, business models?
  • Money and profitability: what are the material benefits for business from implementing sustainability practices?
    • How to measure effectiveness of impactful initiatives for brand and society?
Session topics:
  • What are the consumer expectations for responsible brands today?
  • How can a brand stop wasting its money for dead-end ideas and find its own big idea?
  • How can we distinguish a worthy idea from profanity? · How to close the communication gap between the consumers and sustainable brands.
  • Who is the 'lead': business or consumers? Does the business become more responsible in response to consumer expectations, or it defines the sustainability agenda for the consumer who then follows?
  • How can big vision be translated into the applicable strategy?

Session topics:
It seems the world has gone mad about green and fairtrade goods. The list of brands 'killed by millennials' gets more names which failed to demonstrate that they share new values of environmental and social responsibility. Experts concur that this is not a temporary trend.

This session will be structured in the interactive format where workshop participants will be able to reflect on the key takeaways, assess how these insights can be applied in daily business activities to launch the process of sustainability transformation within one's company, in the market, and hopefully at the country level.
Темы сессии
  • Роль лидера на пути трансформации.
  • Видеть, чувствовать, понимать себя и мир вокруг.
  • Вести за собой людей, компании, общество.

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